Through-hole LED/Super Flux LED

Through hole Super Flux LEDs (Piranha LEDs) are rectangular packages of LEDs with 4 pins. These devices are offered in 3mm, 5mm and Flat Lens packages, and color choices include green, red, yellow, white, blue, orange and RGB.

Through hole Super Flux LEDs are suitable for all applications requiring automotive, backlight, signal and specialty lighting. 5mm Super Flux LEDs are the brightest for their size. Each has a large lens to produces a wide view angle. This is great for custom installations which an extremely bright and wide view angle light is needed and using the 5mm Super Flux LEDs will give you very good results and offers a unique lighting approach.

Super Flux LEDs have the lowest thermal resistance comparing with other through-hole LEDs, and this allows Super Flux LEDs to work under a relatively wide range of temperatures with higher input power.

[PDF] U47W1C-W2-3C

  • Super flux output
  • Viewing angle =35 degree
  • Outstanding material efficiency
  • Reliable and rugged
  • RoHS compliant

  • Automotive lighting
  • Electronic signs and signals
  • Special lighting application
Wavelength λd(nm) x=0.31 & y=0.32
Emitting Color
Cool White
Resin Color Water Clear
Size(mm) Φ3*1.90
Luminous Intensity Typ.(mcd) 6000
Viewing Angle 2 θ ½ 35

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