Business Philosophy

Corporate Concepts

Excelling in professionalism with outstanding results and breakthroughs in company and employee improvement.

Devote on new product development and make it possible to enhance human living quality.

Being ethically unyielding and honest, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our promise.


Providing the most optimal and best quality solutions through consistent and continuous improvement

Corporate Culture
  • Positive attitude - look forward to the future and promote competitiveness
  • Trust - communicate with concern and enhance coherence
  • Innovation - renew and upgrade to excel from others
  • Share - create profit and share it together

Quality Assurance
  • All Luckylight products are lead-free and compliant with European Union RoHS directives
  • Maintain a documented quality assurance system for continuous quality improvement
  • Establish quality monitoring system to insure product and service quality
  • Set the highest quality standards to insure customer satisfaction

Quality Policy
  • Innovation: Continue to develop new products and offer new technology to meet customer demands
  • Quality: Maintain the highest standards to satisfy customer’s quality needs
  • Efficiency: Guarantee on-time delivery and fulfillment of our promises
  • Service: Offer customers prompt support and service

Sales Manager

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