Environmental Policy

Environment protection

Aware of the environmental protection to be the important issue for a enterprise to keep everlasting development, Luckylight will ask all of members in the company to decrease environmental loading with every activities. We will obey laws at our country, fit in the operation procedure and do our best to prevent the environmental pollution. We will use the resource to its optimized condition to fulfill the ISO 14001 certification. All products of Luckylight LED comply with the environmental requirements of ROHS.

Our practical approaches are:

  • Fully communicate with all employees to establish the common consensus of environmental protection.
  • Decrease possible destructions to the environment at everyday life.
  • Increasing the reusability rate of materials used for production and advocating energy savings to minimize the waste.
  • Combining the objectives of clean production and environmental friendly design with the development of production and service.

Not jut passively obeying the laws, Luckylight will actively push us to a green management mode for environment, resources and products. We will make our best to reach everlasting development, environmental protection, technique innovation and the maintenance of our product competition.

New trends for environmental protection:

  • To prevent environmental pollution.
  • Consistent improvement.
  • Overall cooperation.
  • Resource recycling.
  • Green designate and enterprise.

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